3 Advanced Email Marketing Tips

Advanced email marketing covers so much ground it can be hard to break it down into something useful in 400 words or less, so here goes.

If you’re searching for advanced email marketing pointers you’re either doing the basics well and want to move to the next level OR you’re an accomplished email marketer and want to ensure you aren’t missing out on a advanced tactic.

Either way, these three advanced email marketing tips are for you.


1.  Run split tests continuously.  I don’t actually talk with many email marketers that do split tests and even less that run split tests on an ongoing basis.  Your natural tendency to run split tests is to start out strong, run a few A/B tests and basically stop.

Try to keep on testing.

Even though after a while you’ll find your creativity is challenged to find more things to test.  My advice only split test one smaller element at a time.  Try different “Buy” buttons. Try competing subject lines.  Try layout tests. Try offer tests.  Show or don’t show product prices.

Over time you will slowly learn what your audience responds to.  These incremental tests give you real data to work with.

Resist the temptation to swing for the fence a few times and then stop!

2.  Use Google tracking links. I was talking with a skilled online marketer a few weeks back and we were talking about tracking email as a source of conversions when I discovered he wasn’t tracking sales converstions from email campaigns.


Here’s a link to the Google URL builder tool where you can see how to set up a tracking link that will feed your Google Analytics account.

3.  Remove your template.  This is the ultimate advanced skill because it asks you to try running your email campaigns without the aid of your html template.  (Of course I’d suggest you do this as part of tip #1 and run a split test)

The real skill here is to see if your words and copy can pull their weight.

Dare you to try it.  If your copy is strong you’ll see a lift in results.  I am a big beleiver that the words do the work.  If you can’t capture someone’s interest with your copy, no design in the world will help you.


Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a healthy love for email marketing. He has run over 3,200 killer email campaigns in 104 different industries. He is the owner of ZinMarketing Inc. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook page (ZinMarketing Inc).
Mitch Tarr