Beware the faux marketers

Sometimes I see something that makes me shake my head, and today I saw an ad by MailChimp software that got a head shake and a “Tsk Tsk Tsk”.

Look at this image and let me know if anything strikes you as odd.

MailChimp ad

Before I tell you the lesson learned here, I should mention that MailChimp is a solid Email Service Provider and this shouldn’t cast any dispersion on their ESP services. Yet, there is a very important marketing lesson here. And because it’s a marketing lesson, it’s also a very good email marketing lesson.

The ad copy reads, “Marketing Automation for Everyone”.

On the surface, it seems pretty straightforward. The message suggests that MailChimp can be used by all for marketing automation…

but that is really, really bad marketing!

If you have studied or read anything about marketing, you should have heard of the concept of ‘target audience’. It goes by many terms, like ideal customer, avatar, target market, market segment, industry vertical , but the concept is the same. Know who is your audience.

You will be much more effective and successful if you narrow your market down to a manageable group of people with the same characteristics or habits. So when MailChimp defines their audience as ‘everyone’ you can see how bad an idea that is.

Let’s use their marketing campaign as an example. They have the resources to create that banner ad and some marketing budget to place that ad on a website I was browsing. Yet, how would I know I was their target audience? Because I am an ‘everyone’?

What are the alternatives?

Marketing Automation for Lawyers.
Marketing Automation for Yoga Instructors.
Marketing Automation for Electricians.
Marketing Automation for Wineries.
Marketing Automation for Time Stressed Business Owners.
Marketing Automation for Time Strapped Entrepreneurs.

What happens is: If I’m a lawyer, you’re now speaking directly to me, your target audience.

In today’s crowded ad world this messaging works way better.

So in this case, don’t take a lead from MailChimp. Take a lead from us 🙂

Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr

Mitch Tarr is an experienced digital marketing strategist with a healthy love for email marketing. He has run over 3,200 killer email campaigns in 104 different industries. He is the owner of ZinMarketing Inc. Stay in touch by liking his Facebook page (ZinMarketing Inc).
Mitch Tarr